Ways to Use Working Capital

Successful business owners use working capital loans for a variety of reasons including inventory, marketing, human resources and unexpected expenses.  Let Professional Solutions Financial Services help you bridge cash flow when you need it.

Typical Uses of Working Capital Cash from Professional Solutions

Bridge Delays in Collecting Account Receivables

Depending how you bill, delays are common in receiving cash for your product or service. This can be due to insurance reimbursements or past-due payments from your customers.  Working capital cash can help in these instances.

Purchase Inventory

Working capital can be used to restock existing inventory or purchase new products to sell in your business.

Marketing Campaigns

Local advertising, event sponsorship, direct marketing campaigns, signage and other return-on-investment opportunities are common uses of working capital.  

Hiring & Employees

Cash from working capital loans can be used for human resource expenses such as hiring bonuses, employee events, career fairs and more.

Office or Business Growth

If it's time for a physical expansion of your office or a remodel, you might consider a working capital loan to fund your growth.


Whether your taxes are due on a quarterly or annual basis, working capital is an option to bridge cash flow during tax season or fund property tax payments.  

Unexpected Expenses & More

As a business owner, any number of expenses can creep up from time to time.  Because working capital loans can be used for any business expense, it provides the necessary bridge to keep you up and running without interruption.  


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