Elements of a Tiered Credit Card Processing Fee Structure

Understanding the fees associated with your business’s credit card transactions can be a challenge—especially if you accept a variety of different cards for purchases. A tiered fee structure offered by many card processors can help make it easier to identify the charges for your transactions. 

Here's What to Know About a Tiered Fee Structure:

  • Each transaction is subject to an “interchange fee.” These are wholesale transactional fees, charged by the card-issuing bank 1. The fees are expressed as a percentage of each transaction.

  • There may be dozens of different interchange fees for the cards you accept. Fees may depend on the type of credit card that’s used in the transaction (e.g., a debit or a rewards card), the type of transaction (e.g., a keyed-in number or a swipe transaction), or where the transaction takes place (e.g., online or POS).

  • In a tiered, or “bundled,” structure, the credit card processor groups the fees into rate tiers to simplify the number of possible interchange fees you’ll have to deal with.
  • On your statement, tiered fees are easier to identify. Your processor may identify transaction fees as “qualified,” “mid-qualified,” or “non-qualified.” You also might recognize a tier by its consistent rates.

Since the features and structure of a tiered program can vary widely, contact your vendor representative to learn more about the specifics of your program.


1 The issuing bank issues the credit card to the consumer on behalf of the credit card network. The issuing bank also may be referred to as the credit card company.

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Apr . 26, 2016

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