EHR Solutions for Payments

YES! Your Professional Solutions credit card processing program can integrate with virtually any type of EHR software program.  

More and more health care professionals are taking advantage of this because makes it easier to manage payments online.  Benefits include …

  • Streamlined workflow - Payments can be processed within the EHR software program instead of going to a different set of screens. No separate terminal is required. The approval code is automatically attached to the Electronic Health Record.
  • Time savings – Because payments are processed right in the software, it’s faster for your staff. They don’t have to learn two different systems or how to run the credit card equipment. Plus, they don’t have to rekey payment information.
  • Fewer errors – Less mistakes are made, since duplicate entries and reconciliations are eliminated.
  • Increased data security – Card information is never stored online. After it’s entered, card information is tokenized and encrypted before moving to the cloud. This reduces the risk to your business.

At the end of the day, you want to do what’s best for your business, customers and staff. That may be integrating your payment processing with your EHR software. Professional Solutions is always here to help.

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Nov . 2, 2020

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