4 Questions to Ask Your Merchant Technology Provider

As your business gets ready for the transition to EMV card readers, you may be shopping for new credit card terminals. If that’s the case, ask potential providers these four questions before making a decision.

1. How does your lease or contract system work?

Some providers are offering credit card terminals on long-term leases or contracts with monthly payments. While these offers may seem more affordable up front, by the end of such a term, you could have grossly overpaid for your terminal. Before you make a lease or rental commitment, be sure you understand the value of the machine, and whether or not your contract or lease reflects a good value.

2. What kind of tech support do you offer?

If your credit card terminal malfunctions in the middle of a transaction, you need assistance fast. Your technology provider should be able to offer quick service when neither you nor your customer has time to wait. Ask providers what happens when you make a call to tech support. If your calls will be put into a holding pool, the support may not be the best match for your business.

3. Can you train my team on new technology?

With the switch to EMV, it’s crucial that your team understands how the technology works. Consider the level of training you and your staff will need to keep business running smoothly, and whether the potential providers can offer it.

4. How do your rates compare to others’?

Your merchant technology provider should help you get the good rate. Look for a provider that can offer a rate comparison, rather than one that simply promises it has the best deal.

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Tracy Schmidt

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Sep . 3, 2015

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