Honest Card Terms

With the Professional Solutions Financial Services MilesAway MasterCard®, you'll experience a low introductory APR of 0% on purchases for six months — then a low ongoing APR of Prime + 9.99%. 

Up-Front Terms ... No Annual or Hidden Fees

Professional Solutions is dedicated to fair and honest practices when it comes to all of our products. For MilesAway it's no different. We offer a 25-day interest-free grace period on payments and no annual fee, first year or beyond.

Our rewards program is built on transparency. Unlike other cards in the marketplace, we'd never bait you by offering double or triple point options, only to turn around and require higher redemption levels to reach rewards. Plus, there is no cap on how many points you can earn each month. 

Summary of Terms

Here is a summary of MilesAway rates and fees for your convenience:

Annual Fee


Periodic Rate of Finance Charge

The Monthly Periodic Rate of Finance Charge on portions of your Account will be determined in accordance with a variable rate plan. Introductory Rates may be used from time to time. Purchases on your Account are charged a variable ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE (“Variable APR”). The “Periodic Rate” for any given billing cycle shall be calculated in accordance with the following formula: (Annual Percentage Rate/365) x (Number of days in billing cycle) = Periodic Rate. For complete details on the Periodic Rate of Finance Charge, click here.

Grace Period on Purchases

25 calendar days.

Minimum Finance Charge


Transaction Fees

Cash Advance—3% of the transaction amount (minimum $10). Over the Credit Limit Fee—$25. Dishonored Payment Fee—$25 (except in Maryland). Late Payment Fee—$25. Alternative Payment Method—$10 for any payment you make via the Automated Response Unit. $15 fee for phone payment with a customer service representative. Balance Transfer Fee—3% of the amount of the Balance Transfer (minimum $10, maximum $75).

Note: These terms and conditions are current as of September 2014. If you have any questions, please call 800-503-0954, and select option 2 for assistance. For specific details and to read the cardholder agreement in its entirety, click here.


800-970-5060 ext. 5972

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