Fast Approvals & Funding

Your patients and customers expect quick service and positive results. You should expect the same from your finance company. With Professional Solutions Financial Services' Fast-Track Service, you can count on quick quotes, speedy credit decisions, and same-day funding to the vendor of your choice.

Professional Solutions' Fast-Track Service

Obtaining financing for specialized equipment can be a long and tedious process, requiring you to provide additional credit documentation and paperwork. We've streamlined the process so it's simple and fast to obtain financing. Professional Solutions' Fast-Track Service includes:

Express Requests

You can quickly request financing through Professional Solutions using our Express Request Form. There's no lengthy application process that can be common with many banks.

Fast Approvals

You deserve quick credit decisions without delay! We'll have a decision to you typically within two business hours of submitting your Express Request—sometimes faster.

Vendor Assistance

We'll handle all payment arrangements and other vendor details for you so you have more time to focus on your patients and customers. And, since we are not affiliated with any vendors, you're free to negotiate price and let us handle the finance details from there. 

Same-Day Funding

Professional Solutions pays your vendor fast via bank transfer/ACH. This may not be the case with some banks and lenders. In fact, delays in payment may occur due to additional paperwork or other requirements—lengthening the time it takes to get your equipment.

Learn more about these and other perks you can take advantage of when you choose to finance equipment through Professional Solutions.


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