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What Our Credit Card Processing Customers Are Saying

  • From the first time we contacted Professional Solutions, they were easy to do business with. I simply sent my last month's processing statement, and they sent me a side-by-side comparison vs. our existing program. It was clear, concise and easy to read. The comparison showed we'd end up saving $1,500 per month. [Switching] was painless. It required almost no time out of anyone's day. The terminals came in the mail pre-programmed and ready to use. Within a couple of minutes we were switched over. We did it right in the middle of the patient day and didn't miss a beat. The staff at Professional Solutions was very professional ... very organized. They called us several times to make sure everything was okay. When we call them we get a live and friendly person who actually answers the phone. They have a great team. I'd highly recommend them. It's been fabulous!

    - Ray Mays, Eye Centers of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN

  • Working with Professional Solutions has been just great. There was no pressure to buy - none at all. They were nice. They even offered to give us $100 if they could not give us a better price. It was nice to see a side-by-side comparison vs. our existing program. They were able to save us money. The person who sold us our [previous] credit card processing services was helpful, but after that initial set-up I never heard from them again. When I had questions, I would call into a big call center and have to wait on the phone. When I did get through they were not very friendly ... I got transferred a lot. It has been nice working with Professional Solutions. It's been a very smooth and easy transition. Everyone at Professional Solutions has been wonderful to work with. Regardless of how simple the question might be, Professional Solutions gets right back to me and is very helpful. I'm happy we made the switch. And it was easy!

    - Nancy Wiggins, Office Manager, Howard Belsheim, DDS, Adel, IA

  • We compared Professional Solutions with our existing program and one other [credit card] processing company. We sent our existing statement to Professional Solutions for a comparison. Professional Solutions explained everything very clearly to me. Their representative was very in-depth ... making sure we understood different transaction categories so I could go back to Dr. Bogue and Dr. Tigges and show them the difference. Professional Solutions was less expensive. Based on their comparison, we could end up saving $1,600 a year on processing fees ... Our experience with Professional Solutions was different from what we experienced with other companies ... If I had questions they were answered right away. Once we decided to switch to Professional Solutions, they let me know where we were at every step of the way. The set-up went smoothly. I just disconnected the [old terminal] and plugged in the new one. It only took about five minutes on the phone. Our experience with Professional Solutions was great.

    - Kelli Bush, Carroll Dental Clinic, Carroll, IA

  • I sent Professional Solutions a copy of my last statement. They analyzed it and told me they could save me a significant amount of money. [They've] routinely saved us about $100 - $200 a month. I've been my husband's office manager since 1986 ... we started using [the same company we use for patient financing]. However, we discovered it wasn't cost-effective to use them for credit card processing, so we tried various companies, always looking for the best rates as well as good service. Several years ago, we had signed up with a company the [state association] recommended - assuring me it was the cheapest program around. When I sent them the Professional Solutions comparison, they were unwilling to work with us ... they couldn't even come close to matching Professional Solutions' rates. It was an easy decision - we switched and have been very happy ever since with their rates AND their service. You can go a lot of places and buy things cheaper, but I always remember a quote by John Ruskin, "There is hardly anything in the world that someone cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper and the people who consider price alone are that person's lawful prey." Keeping this quote in mind when comparison shopping, I'm always looking for low fees AND extremely good service. Professional Solutions most definitely provides great service. It's been awesome!! Whenever I call I get a live person who does exactly what they say they will. Problems are solved quickly and efficiently. Professional Solutions' terms are very up-front. Everything has been clear and simple. Professional Solutions provides us with great service and a great rate. Thanks, Professional Solutions, for being a company on whom we can rely for both!

    - Nancy Hammel, Clay Center Dental, Clay Center, KS

  • It has been a pleasure to work with Professional Solutions during the course of upgrading our credit card machines so we can accept new chip credit cards. This comes as no surprise. Over the years, Professional Solutions has been there to take care of any upgrades, issues or concerns that we have. The service you provide truly makes accepting credit cards smooth and efficient. Thanks for the upgrade!

    - Steven J. Brandl, Prairie Pella, Inc., Clive, IA

  • I would like to take this opportunity to express my total satisfaction with Professional Solutions. Not only did they save me a tremendous amount on processing fees when we switched, but their staff is extremely friendly and efficient. When we call Professional Solutions they are always willing to address any issues that may come up and go the extra mile to keep us happy. I also appreciate how proactive Professional Solutions is with letting us know about new credit card processing technology that will help us process payments more efficiently and securely. I look forward to a long business relationship with Professional Solutions.

    - Lee Fisher, Shottenkirk Chevrolet, Waukee, IA


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