New Equipment & $100 Sign-up Bonus!

For a limited time, sign up to accept credit cards through Professional Solutions Financial Services and you'll receive a $100 sign-up bonus and state-of-the-art processing equipment. Details below.

Accept Chip Cards, Apple Pay® & More...

It's important to accept new credit card payment such as chip cards, Apple Pay® and Android Pay™ to help protect cardholder data and minimize your fraud liability,

When you sign up to accept credit cards through Professional Solutions by December 31, 2017, you'll receive a $100 sign up bonus and the latest processing equipment to use at no added cost for as long as you process with us. This new terminal will be sent to your door, pre-programmed and ready to use.

If you like the equipment you have, it can be easily reprogrammed over the phone—and you'll still receive your $100 bonus for switching to Professional Solutions.

Lowest Price Guarantee

If you already accept credit cards, be sure to take advantage of our lowest price guarantee, also known as the Professional Solutions Challenge.

Simply upload your current credit card processing statement when completing the express request and we'll send you a rate and fee comparison showing your estimated savings if you switch. There's no-obligation and we'll send you $100 if we can't beat your current program.

Offer Expires December 31, 2017

To take advantage of the $100 sign-up bonus and receive the new equipment to use for as long as you process with Professional Solutions, you must act by December 31, 2017.


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