Recurring Payments

Increase retention, grow loyalty, and reduce operational expenses when you provide recurring payment options to your customers.  

Efficient for Business ... Convenient for Your Customers

Recurring billing gives your customers the convenience of setting up payments by credit, debit or electronic funds transfers (EFTs). You can enjoy collecting payments on a consistent and regular schedule.

Benefits of Accepting Recurring Payments:

  • Builds customer loyalty and improves retention rates with automatic payments

  • Flexible payment options for customers (weekly, monthly, annually) increases customer service

  • Increases efficiency, since paper bills and invoices are no longer required 

  • Saves money when you mail fewer bills and payment reminders

  • Fewer late payments with funds automatically paid on set schedule

  • Improves your cash flow and business forecasting

  • Protects the environment when you reduce the amount of paper required

Professional Solutions' Recurring Billing ... Simple & Easy.

Professional Solutions Financial Services provides you access to a recurring billing system that is simple and easy to use. Through the system you can establish customer profiles, choose billing schedules (weekly, monthly, annually), and manage customer email notifications. We'll ensure you have access to the lowest-cost payment methods for this type of payment acceptance.  

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