Mobile Payments

Professional Solutions Financial Services gives you the ability to accept payments on the go with flexible and convenient mobile processing through a smartphone, tablet or a higher-volume wireless terminal.

Accept Payments with Your Smartphone or Tablet

Simply plug a card reader into your smartphone or tablet, download an app, and you're ready to go with mobile processing through Professional Solutions. Unlike some mobile readers on the market, our options are all PCI DSS compliant, encrypting cardholder data for extra security. If you process on-the-go and with a traditional terminal, both transaction types will appear on the same statement for added convenience.

High-Speed Wireless Credit Card Terminals

If you're a business accepting a high volume of mobile credit card transactions, a high-speed wireless machine may be just what you need. Our flexible, compact terminals are often used at outdoor venues, sporting events, open markets and more.

Check out all of Professional Solutions' mobile credit card processing equipment here and decide which options are best for you.


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