Computer Processing

For certain businesses, computer point-of-sale payment acceptance can make sense. Professional Solutions Financial Services will analyze the volume of processing to help you decide if it's the right method for your needs.

Desktop or Laptop Credit Card Payment Processing

One method of accepting credit cards is with a small card reader attached to your desktop or laptop computer. With Professional Solutions' computer processing, you simply plug the reader into a USB port on your computer, download some software, and you're ready to process.  

Ideal for Certain Business Types

Depending on credit card transaction volume, computer point-of-sale payment acceptance can be ideal for businesses such as healthcare professionals, freelancers, accounting offices, smaller retail businesses and more. You can collect payments relatively fast and conveniently, and save on start-up costs by using your existing equipment.

Tell us a litte more about your business, and we can help you determine the processing that's right for you.


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