Accepting Gift & Loyalty Cards

Letting your customers purchase prepaid gift cards and offering loyalty cards are two solid strategies to drive both new and repeat business. Professional Solutions Financial Services can help you get started.

Gift Cards vs. Loyalty Cards ... What's the Difference?

Gift cards and loyalty cards are very similar. In fact, they are the same actual plastic card in most cases. It's how the card is issued and used that makes the difference.

Gift cards are typically purchased to give as a gift to others for a special occasion, e.g. holiday, birthday, etc. You load the amount purchased onto the card. It's a great way to receive cash up-front and drive new customers to your store.

Loyalty cards allow you to load a specific value and give it to a customer as an incentive to return and build loyalty to your store. They are reloadable and tied to incentive programs, e.g. percentage-off promotions, store credits and other rewards or discounts.    

Professional Solutions' Gift Card Program

Choose from generic, "off-the-shelf" cards that can be customized with your business name. You can order as few as 100. If you'd prefer a customized look, your logo, images and brand can be incorporated onto a custom card.  

Our gift/loyalty cards are simple to run through your credit card machine and can be integrated with most of the major POS systems. You'll have access to usage reports of your gift and loyalty cards online, 24/7. 

Depending on the option you choose, you can be selling or distributing gift and loyalty cards in a matter of days!

Contact us today to get started with a gift card and/or loyalty card program through Professional Solutions.


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