Electronic Check & ACH Processing

Electronic check processing lets you convert a paper check into an electronic payment. You can also give customers the ability to send you payments directly from their bank account.

How Electronic Checks & ACH Payments Work

When you receive a paper check, you key in some basic information from that check into a virtual terminal system or run it through an electronic scanner — both of which can be provided by Professional Solutions Financial Services. The information and payment amount are then transferred electronically to the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network, taking the funds from your customer's account and depositing them into yours.  

Business Benefits of Electronic Funds Transfer

You'll save processing time and a significant amount of hard and soft dollars when you move to this form of payment acceptance. 

Here are some of the many benefits of Electronic Check and ACH Processing:

  • You receive your money faster ... by moving from paper checks, you'll receive money typically within a day versus up to a week or more with traditional check processing.

  • Reduce manual processing costs because less manpower is required than processing paper checks.

  • Eliminate bank deposit and transaction fees associated with paper check processing.

  • Enhanced service when you offer customers the convenience of an ACH payment experience.

  • Reduced payment errors with fewer people involved in processing check data and amounts.

  • Increased retention when you integrate recurring billing with your eCheck ACH processing

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