Payment Options for Your Customers

In today's fast-paced world, most people expect to be able to pay by credit or debit card. In fact, you may be losing business if you don't accept this form of payment. 

Whether you're a traditional brick-and-mortar business, online, mobile — any business large or small — Professional Solutions Financial Services can help you get started with fair, honest and low-cost credit card processing.  

Accept All Credit Card Types

With Professional Solutions, you can accept all major credit cards, including MasterCard®, Visa®, American Express®, Discover®, Diners Club/Carte Blanche®, JCB® cards and more. All debit cards are supported, as well as Visa and MasterCard-based check cards. We can help you implement a gift and loyalty card program, which can also be processed through your traditional credit card machine/terminal. 

Credit Card Machines

Professional Solutions distributes the most secure, reliable and easy-to-use credit card machines to our customers. Check out these state-of-the-art, EMV-chip enabled terminals that are fully upgradeable for future software updates. 

Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminals & Software

For extremely fast-paced retail establishment and restaurants with inventory, merchandise and menus, a more robust system may be needed. Learn more about POS systems and payment integration from Professional Solutions.    

Processing Suited to Your Needs

We realize that not all businesses are the same when it comes to how they would like to accept credit cards. We offer cost-effective solutions for small, independent businesses, online payment gateway solutions for e-commerce merchants and cost-effective mobile solutions for on-the-go merchants. We're also skilled at helping larger businesses streamline their payment acceptance with services like ACH and electronic check processing.  

Low Rates & Reduced Fees

Don't be fooled by other processors that may quote artificially low rates and fees, only to raise them later to increase their profits. Professional Solutions is a reputable source for processing. In fact, we are a Principal Member of Visa, MasterCard and Discover and a direct processor for American Express, so we can offer you low rates and fees. 

Fair & Honest Processing

When you select Professional Solutions, you'll be working with a company dedicated to offering fair and honest financing products, including credit card processing.  

Learn more about Professional Solutions' program benefits here.

Tell us more about your business by completing an Express Request, and we'll help design a cost-effective solution to get you started with offering credit card payments. 


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