$100 Referral Bonus

Have you been happy with your savings and your service from Professional Solutions Financial Services? If so, why not tell someone who owns a business, accepts credit cards, and may want to save too? 

Earn Up to $1,000 in Referral Bonuses

For a limited time, for each new credit card processing customer you refer to Professional Solutions, you'll receive a $100 MasterCard® gift card after they sign up and begin processing. 

Send two referrals, get a $200 gift card … five, get a $500 gift card. Earn up to $1,000 for 10 merchant referrals.

Two Easy Ways to Send Your Referral:

1) Complete the short form at right and we'll contact them for you to let them know you referred them to Professional Solutions.  

Or ...

2) Print and give this challenge form to your referral so they can send it in with last month's processing statement for a free, no-obligation comparison. Be sure to include your name and phone number at the bottom. 

We’ll monitor each referral we receive. Once they sign up and begin processing with us, Professional Solutions will send you a $100 MasterCard gift card for each referral, up to $1,000 for 10 referrals. 

There's Nothing to Lose!

If we can’t save them money on their overall processing cost, they’ll get $100. Get started today and share the good news about Professional Solutions' honest, fair and affordable credit card processing!

$100 Referral Form

We'll send you a $100 gift card within 30 days after your referral starts processing. If submitting more than one referral, after hitting the green "Submit" button below, click this link to submit another referral.

Your Information

Your Referral's Information


800-839-1629, ext. 5850

Your gift card will be sent within 30 days after your referral signs up and begins processing. MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International.

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