Stop Paying High Rates & Fees!

If you haven't checked your processing costs lately, you may be surprised. Paying high rates and fees means you're giving away a portion of your profits with every credit card transaction. Boost your bottom line by switching to Professional Solutions Financial Services' Program.

Buy Direct and Save with Professional Solutions

How much you are paying overall in rates and fees can depend on who you originally selected as your processor. There are typically a number of middlemen involved—each one taking a portion of your profits. 

Professional Solutions is a principal member of MasterCard®, Visa® and Discover,® as well as a direct processor of credit cards. As a result, we can offer you low cost credit card processing, along with fair and up-front contracts.  

No Commission ... No Pressure

Call Professional Solutions and you'll speak to a friendly, non-commissioned sales consultant trained to help you process more cost effectively. You can keep the equipment you're already using, or switch to an updated and secure terminal, including new EMV chip technology that arrives at your door pre-programmed and ready to use.  

Start Your Savings Now ... It's Simple!

Option #1

Start by taking the Professional Solutions Challenge to receive a simple, side-by-side comparison showing what you're currently paying versus our program. You'll be glad you did. If we can't meet or beat your existing program's overall costs, we'll send you a $100 gift card!

OR ...

Option #2

Contact a Professional Solutions consultant today at 800-970-5060, ext. 5850. We're here to make credit card processing easy and affordable. Let's talk about how we can help you start experiencing the money-saving benefits of Professional Solutions' Credit Card Processing Program.


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