• A Reliable Referral Source for Your Bank

    If you're looking for a reliable, service-oriented company to send your merchant credit card processing referrals to, you've found it!

Bank Credit Card Processing Programs

A growing number of banks are choosing to switch their credit card processing referral source to Professional Solutions Financial Services. Why? The bank executives we work with tell us it's because we are committed to extending the same level of honesty, trust and service they provide to their customers — often lacking with big merchant processors today.  

A Reliable Credit Card Processing Referral Source

Nearly every bank we work with tells us how important customer service is to them. Most shared with us that it seemed to be lacking with their credit card processing referral source. We are pleased that so many banks are continuing to turn to Professional Solutions. Simply put, we are dedicated to providing unmatched service as well as the affordable credit card processing solutions you can be proud of.  

Credit Card Processing ... Made Easy for Banks

Professional Solutions makes it easy for banks to send referrals. Each banker submits a short online referral form and can include specific notes about the business they are referring. They choose how they'd like us to handle the lead. We can provide the quote information back to the banker to present alongside other bank offerings, or take the referral and run with it—whichever they prefer.   

Professional Solutions' Program Advantages

  • Simple, turn-key referral program that is easy for your bank to implement
  • Excellent lead product prior to offering other commercial bank products
  • Ability to provide an additional, fee income product to new and existing business customers 
  • Fair, honest and low-cost processing solutions for your customers with unmatched service
  • Full spectrum of diverse electronic payment acceptance products and services
  • Support for all merchant types: retail, mail/phone order, Internet and mobile merchants
  • Dedicated and honest employees providing training, service and full marketing support 
  • Reliable referral source clearing over $1 billion annually for over 12,000 merchant customers
  • Entrusted company—Principal Member of MasterCard International, Visa U.S.A. and Discover Network
  • No fees to participate, no financial risk, no minimum size requirements and no minimum contract term
  • An opportunity to receive non-interest income  

We invite you to complete the short form above to learn more about what a referral progam would look like for your bank.  

Bank Request Form

We invite you to complete this short form to learn more about what a referral progam would look like for your bank. 


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